a house with pool
Thursday, 18 October 2018

We are delighted to present our latest completed project, the renovation of the iconic Fernside Homestead in East Toowoomba.

The project was a labour of love that would not have been possible without the historic presevation expertise of Stephanie Keays, Architect, the meticulousness of Tess Lawry, Feather & Lawry Design and our clients' passion for ensuring their home remains part of our region's living history.

There were several stages to the project including the construction of a five metre retaining wall to create a large terraced lawn and stairs to the tennis court; building of outdoor pavillions with a full kitchen, bathroom facilities and outdoor fireplace; installation of new swimming pool and demolition of 1980s addition to rebuild a new wing with similar proportions to original homestead. The new addition includes features which reflect signficiant architectural details from original home including pressed metal ceilings, cedar windows and doors, timber floors, crown moulding, skirting boards, bay windows and large verandahs.

By Mark Winter