Too Rock

"Sprawling under South East Queensland skies and amongst unadulterated natural beauty, the unique and quintessentially Australian residence Too Rock is both in harmony with nature and an extension of it.  Located in Withcott at the foothills of the Toowoomba Range and accessed via the Warrego Highway, Too Rock shares a heavily wooded site with high rocky cliffs and natural creeks and dams. While some find danger at the sound of these natural features, Toowoomba building design company Alisco Designs found design inspiration and as a result, recently won a Building Designers Association of Queensland (BDAQ) State Award in recognition of the residence. 
The exterior incorporates natural timber, stone building materials and access to natural sunlight to mesh effortlessly with the existing environment and its natural features of rock outcrops, gum trees and boulders. From any angle or direction, the house naturally integrates into the environment thanks to the use of building material and a colour palette that allows it to integrate into the setting. Dominant stone blade walls breach the envelope of the home in numerous points introducing a sense of stability while affording a visual reminder of what had inspired Too Rock itself. Interior spaces also complement the outdoor setting, with floors made of natural and lightweight materials and top-to-bottom glazed windows to allow the near and far views of nature to act as décor. The home features three separate wings with a guest room, main bathroom, office and laundry forming one wing.
Living, dining and the kitchen form the axis of the home, and an entry porch and foyer, master suite with ensuite and private deck with an infinity wet edge plunge pool finish the house.The entertainment area and pool extend over the ridgeline and are surrounded by rocky sandstone outcrops. The use of green tiling in the pool’s interior evokes a vision of a clear rainforest stream just waiting to entice hosts and guests alike into its waters on a hot summer evening. The owner’s desire to maximise the dramatic outlook has resulted in a space where nearly every room capitalises on the views and vista and affords generous access to daylight. Due to the residence’s isolated location, Alisco Designs had to think deeper than aesthetic design elements to ensure quality living conditions. Full privacy was maintained by perching the house atop a ridge line, perfectly disguised and hidden away by the trees and sandstone boulders when viewed from a distance. Natural summer breezes see little need for mechanical cooling to be installed, however for the colder months, the installation of passive solar building design meant less heating requirements.
Too Rock gives new meaning to the phrase ‘when two worlds collide’. It is a unique and modern piece of architecture, aesthetically pleasing both inside and out, and sitting comfortably among the green, warm tones of nature. Where other houses might take over nature, Too Rock has emerged within it to create a safe and satisfying residence that sits in harmony with the Australian environment."
Words by Emilia Kurylewska
Mark Winter Constructions
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